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Steve Raue

The Systemic Excellence Group
Consortial Partner & Director of Operations
Steve Raue is an expert for change and project management as well as organisational ethnography. He has been part of SEgroup since 2011 and is its Director of Operations.Steve Raue studied cultural analysis at the University of Lund, in Sweden. In the German Association for Project Management he is engaged as co-founder of the special group on agile management. Steve Raue also pursues his doctorate in Cross-Cultural Complex Project Management associated with the University Viadrina Frankfurt/Oder, exploring implications for a future project management on the basis of conventional, agile and systemic project perspectives. Steve Raue is an avid athlete. He has a long history as a basketball coach and player. His musical talent (piano) as well as his fascination for travel and literature continuously provide him with a pool of creative ideas from which he draws for his work. He lives in Berlin.