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Daryl Kulak

Pillar Technology, LLC
SIG Chair: Human Systems Inquiry
I am interested in systems thinking as it relates to my work as a software consultant. I am also interested because I think we can change the world for the better using the techniques of systems thinking to their fullest.

SIG Chair: Human Systems Inquiry (see below for information)

Systems thinking can be quite clean and predictive...until you include those messy elements we call...humans. This SIG is dedicated to analysis and synthesis of systems that take the human factor into perspective, including our unique motivations, secret agendas, relationships and opinions. We're interested in your papers and presentations that help provide understanding of or at least exposure to the complexity of humans in corporations, family units, non-profits, government agencies and social structures.Human systems inquiry builds upon the work in social systems design by Churchman, Ackoff and Checkland as well as the critical systems thinking work done by Jackson, Ulrich, Flood and Midgley.Churchman has been the most articulate and most effective advocate of ethical systems theory and morality in human systems inquiry. Churchman says that systems inquiry must be value-oriented and it must be guided by the social imperative, which dictates that the technological efficiency must be subordinated to social efficiency. He speaks for a science of values and the development of methods by which to verify ethical judgments.We are looking for papers that explore human systems inquiry in its beautiful complexity. Please submit papers that focus on the human element of complex systems, in particular the emotions, motivations and intuition of the players involved.Format: Presentation: 20 mins; Q&A: 5 mins; Discussion: 5 minsKeywords: human systems inquiry, soft systems methodology, critical systems thinking, appreciative inquiry