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Marty Jacobs

Saybrook University
PhD Student
United States
I am currently enrolled at Saybrook University pursuing a doctorate in Organizational Systems. My research interests are in the areas of multi-sector transformational change, complex adaptive systems, systems sciences, and Dialogic OD. A goal I have during the program is to develop a leadership guide for multi-sector transformational change.Prior to enrolling at Saybrook, I ran my own consulting business for 11 years, where I provided strategic planning, board leadership training, Policy Governance implementation, community engagement facilitation, and staff development. I also served on a variety of nonprofit, professional, and school boards over the past twenty years. Finally, I have written for The Systems Thinker, Vermont Business Magazine, American School Board Journal, Leverage Points Blog, and Confident Voices for Nurses on topics related to organizational learning, leadership, systems thinking, workplace culture, board governance, and community engagement.