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Youn-soo(Yeon-soo) Sim(Shim)

Honam University
Korea, Republic of
ISSS Regular.
Director, Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Honam University.
Prof. Department of Police Science, Honam University. South Korea.
I get originally trained as a political scientist and ethical studies (the Republic of Korea). I get the postgraduate diploma in ethics studies, political theory and international relations at Seoul National University in 1984 in the Republic of Korea. Then, I acquired doctorate at Seoul National University in 1994(Ph.D in Ethical studies), and Kookmin University in 2000(Ph.D in International Politics). Up until 2006 I worked in autonomous service sector for a variety of politico-electing agencies as well as in many studies on the relations between two Koreas in a variety of roles involving the political education sector. Throughout my career I have been engaged in using ‘systems thinking’ and ‘international relations’ (quantitative and qualitative methods) in project design, appraisal and monitoring and evaluation. I get the tenured full professor at Honam University in 2005 (located in the Republic of Korea's Gwangju Metropolitan City). I am a regular member of the ISSS (International Society for the Systems Sciences). I presented many papers in English at many international conferences. I am currently preparing a paper on the international relations and complex systems about the state of affairs in the region surrounding the Korean Peninsula and the citizenship in the multicultural society and globalized society. My current teaching role at Honam University is with political science (including political theories and issues) undergraduates and involves analyzing international relations on the Korean Peninsular in the graduate school process. I published 60 papers about political issues, international relations, moral theory, the principle of justice, justice theory and ethical problems, and 6 books on the relations between two Koreas, welfare states and the citizenship.

Major roles and experience
2009 Awarded for the Outstanding Contribution in the Reform of the University Curriculum from Honam University.
2008 Awarded for the Outstanding Contribution in the Development of the South Korean Politics
from The National Election Commission, The Republic of Korea.
2007- Chief Director of Public Relations, and University Press and Broadcasting System, Honam University.
2007 Awarded for Excellent Research Achievement on Professor Performance Appraisal System from Honam University.
2006 Awarded for the Outstanding Contribution in the development for 20 years for Honam University
2005 Director of Institute of Humanities & Social Sciences, Honam University.
2005- Board’s Member of The Korean Political Science Association
2005 Vice President of the Korean Civic Ethics Society.
2005 Vice President of the Korean Ethics Studies Association.
2005- Director, Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Honam University.
2005- Tenured Full Professor, Honam University.
2004 Political Columnist, Gwangju Peace Broadcasting Center.
2004 Board’s Member of Korea Police Studies Association.
2002 Panel Member of Gwangju Metropolitan Election Commission
2002 Honorary Editorialist of Seoulshinmun
1999 Editor of the Korean Society for the Systems Sciences.
1998 Awarded for Promoting Fair Campaign in South Korean General Election from Gwangju Metropolitan Election Commission
1994 Associate Professor, Department of Political Sciences & International Relations, Honam University.
1990 Regular Member of the International Society for the Systems Sciences
1986 Full-time Lecturer, Department of Ethics Studies, Honam University.

Titles on the presented papers and published books
The Meaning of Political Citizenship in Korean Society
Contents Analysis on Expressing Principles of Justice in Lawmakers' Homepages for Cultivating