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David Rousseau

Centre for Systems Philosophy
Founder & Managing Director
United Kingdom
SIG Chair: Research Towards a General Theory of Systems
SIG Chair: Systems Philosophy

Dr. David Rousseau is the Founder and Managing Director of the Centre for Systems Philosophy, which promotes the use of Systems Philosophy as a methodology for addressing problems that require both scientific and philosophical analysis. In particular, he is interested in how we can use systems thinking to bring matters of ultimate concern into the domain of science.His academic background spans Engineering (with a specialisation in Systems Engineering), Philosophy (with a specialisation in Philosophy of Mind) and Religious Studies (with a specialisation in spiritual experiences). His early career involved more than 20 years in senior management, programme management and systems engineering roles in the aerospace and semiconductor industries.In 2007 he returned to academia, and in 2011 completed a PhD study using Systems Philosophy to analyse the mind-body relationship in the light of exceptional human experiences. His current research is focused on the unity of knowledge, the modelling of the nature of Nature, the ontological foundations of moral intuitions, and the development of a General Systems Transdiscipline.

My Speakers Sessions

Sunday, August 2

09:00 CEST

INCOSE: Systems Philosophy and its relevance to Systems Engineering ElkMR Gary Smith • Julie Billingham • Mag. Stefan Blachfellner • David Rousseau • Jennifer Wilby

Tuesday, August 4

11:45 CEST