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Irma Wilson

South Africa
Business unusual strategist, edge inhabiter and provocateur.
“Design thinking is core to how humanity innovate. And find it, we must. We’re talking species survival here, the Earth will be fine.”
Irma Wilson is a Collective Intelligence Strategist and Futurist who keeps a finger on the Social Innovation pulse.  She investigates the ways in which imagination and individual agency can be activated to create engaged global citizens. A whole systems design thinker with special attention on collective intelligence creation, meme design and the spread thereof.
Irma is the founder of FutureSharp, a member of The Southern African Node of the Millennium Project & Foresight for Development and sit on the board of the South African Innovation Network. Irma is also a collaborative researcher, interactive conversation facilitator, keynote speaker.
Irma is currently focused on advancing futures and whole systems thinking on the African Continent. She is interested in the intersection between futurism and behavioral change, in making actionable working alternatives visible and in surfacing existing means, through which people can engage and practically act on the insights & visions of working towards a thriving world with creatively engaged citizen. Irma lives in Johannesburg, South Africa but is active globally.